August Rainn, Chapter 12 - Choices - Overshadowed // Jack and Finn Harries fanfiction.
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Chapter 12 - Choices - Overshadowed // Jack and Finn Harries fanfiction.


Elizabeth Moore is a young girl who moved to England at the ripe young age of 18. Living there, She meets her two best friends— Twin brothers, Jack and Finn Harries. Elizabeth has a troubled and distraught past, No one knows and she is deliberately hiding. Her new home in England is her way of ‘Starting over’ so to speak. Just when Elizabeth thinks she has a new, Happy life in England, People from her past reappear and secrets have a way of getting out. Elizabeth finds herself with torn feelings for both the brothers, Although, Throughout the lives of Jack and Finn, Finn has always overshadowed Jack in all areas of their lives— Especially dating. But before Elizabeth can decide who she truly loves, She must first discover who she really is as a person.

Elizabeth laid on her bed, Practically a tear drop away from crying a river. She knew she had caused a damaged friendship with Finn. His question, echoing through her head ’ Do you love him?’ Repeating over and over. It was like a terrible movie being replayed repeatedly. All she wanted was to be alone that week. Truth of the matter was, She thought she liked Finn, She never expected to fall for his little brother Jack, Liz always thought of Jack as a good friend, Her romantic fondness growing for him more and more up until the night Liz and Jack slept together. It meant everything to her. Elizabeth, Feeling much self hate for letting her body, and emotions take control with Jack, knew she hurt Finn in an inexcusable manor. She laid on her bed thinking of everything, Everyone said to her, Kat, Finn, Jack.

Since truth was out about what she had done with Jack, She felt it was time to take a step back and make some choices. Which is the reason she has been ignoring calls from everyone. So they didn’t influence her decisions. Finn brought up some good questions. Were her feelings for him gone? Truth is… They are. Completely. Elizabeth liked Finn for a while, She developed romantic feelings for him quick. Growing up, Elizabeth dreamed of a guy who was kinda shy, Sweet, But could be upfront with her. Finn was that guy up until she started falling for Jack. The day after she and Jack had their physical encounter she realized.. She truly loved him. When Liz was 17, she lost her purity to her boyfriend David, whose one goal was to ‘get with’ one of the Moore twins out of a cold, Cruel bet. She promised herself that the only way she’d ever have sex with someone again was if she truly cared for the person. She surely wasn’t ready to go to third base with Finn, But that night with Jack, She felt her heart open and let him in, Next thing she knew, She was lying beside him in just a sheet. For a brief second, She felt panic, Then happiness waved over her. Anger was held towards Kathryn for telling Finn, Liz felt she was getting ready to tell him herself but she guessed in Kat’s mind, She was taking too long.

Elizabeth lifted up her head off her damp pillow and scrolled through her phone, She finally cracked on not checking her phone, Damn those curiosities! She saw six missed calls from Jack and about a dozen from Kat. Kathryn was about to drive her crazy since she told her she wanted to be alone. She opened the two texts also missed by Jack, Wondering where she was, If she was okay. None from Finn. She understood why. He was hurt, He had a right to be, He liked her, He was getting ready to propose going steady. She realized her options were slim. Instead of running away from her situation, She decided to embrace it. Sure, Her and Finn’s friendship could never be the same but she also felt she couldn’t date Jack without it being okay with Finn, Which she knew would never happen. The regret inside was almost too much. She knew she couldn’t repair her relationship with Finn, But maybe there was still something she could do about the brother’s relationship. She knew Finn couldn’t forgive and move on if she was still there. In her mind, Telling them goodbye was the best option. Give her goodbyes to the boys and her friend Marcus and let Jack and Finn repair what broken relationship they had. Liz knew she couldn’t salvage her own friendship with Finn, but she could damn well try to save theirs.

What’s the point of being here when I just hurt him? ’ she thought.

Thoughts were racing fast through her mind, Thinking of what to do. Before Elizabeth came along, The brother’s had a strong bond, That was broken with just one incident. One night of weakness destroyed that bond. She was in love with Jack, Not Finn, She felt scared as she worried her and Jack’s night meant nothing to him and it was just a “mistake” that should’ve never happened. After David got his one night with her he told her that it meant nothing to him, It was a ‘One time deal.’ and it wouldn’t happen again, Breaking it off with her, Telling almost the entire school what had happened. That’s when she made her promise. Jack may have not been her first but he was her second. She dreaded that she had to live with the fact that David was the one who she gave her innocence to. Looking over to her dresser was the bear Jack gave her. ‘Gingernut’ as he’s named. Slowly, She reached for the bear and gripped him tight.

She felt she was ready to tell the boy’s and her friends her decision. Her mind was made up. There was no changing it. She had to do this for the sake of Jack and Finn’s relationship.

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